Saturday, May 9, 2009

Somewhat of a miracle

Several weeks ago we went camping down in Utah's south for spring break. When we were leaving, we couldn't find one of our cats, Lucky, which isn't unusual. He likes to hide from the kids when it's time to sleep. So we left for 4 days and knew when we got back and he didn't greet us at the door that something was wrong. We informed the kids and they were heartbroken. We told them, though, that we would do everything we could to find him. We did do everything we could from going to the pound and putting up signs. I put an ad on KSL as well. After 3 weeks we still hadn't heard a thing so we had given up. By this time the kids were over it and Cassia had stopped her daily question of when we were getting a replacement cat. Then one night last week, Joy heard a meow thinking it was Chewy, our other cat, wanting to come in. She opened the door and in came Lucky! We were both speachless! The kids were in bed, but not asleep, so we screamed at them to come upstairs. Cassia just laughed and Hunter cried. Lucky was very, very skinny and very, very filthy. We think he was locked in someone's shed/garage the whole time. He ate until he threw up and then ate some more.

We are really glad to have him back. Here he is sleepin nin his favorite place: on top of the laptop. You might say it's a cattop. I know. I'm hilarious.

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Janel said...

That so crazy! I'm Glad Lucky came home!

Kathryn & James said...

That is so Crazy!! I am glad he is home and that you found him. I did like your cat top joke!

Jen said...

That's really amazing! I'm glad that Lucky was able to come back home. Poor thing!