Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Easter outfits

It is a tradition for the kids to get a new outfit for Easter Sunday. I try to take their picture in their outfits because I know this is probably one of the 2 Sundays a year where they all look really good. But I am thinking that the pictures are the biggest pain! If Cassia smiles, she won't look at the camera. If Redick is smiling, no one else is. To get them to smile I have to tell jokes. I need to go to the library and get a joke book for kids because I only know about 2 kids jokes that actually make them laugh. Oh well I love how most of them turned out. I think I have dang cute kids, even if I am a little biased. But I can not believe how old they look! When did they grow up?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter Egg Hunting

You would think that since I am home all day do nothing I could find the time to update the blog! But here we go again, another catch up post. It seems like we've had a crazy April. Yet now that I am here writing about it, it seems like we've done nothing. Interesting.
On the saturday before Easter, we had a easter egg hunt and lunch at my brothers house with my family. It was a lot of fun. We finished just in time for it to start raining. Someone was looking over us there!

All the cousins (that live close by)

Dad is either looking for lost eggs or checking out the neighbors yard

Hunter showing off his hourd

Finding a lost egg

Red loved finding the eggs. But he didn't care much for the candy (fine with me *wink*)

Cassia was excited for easter for days! She wore her ears for about 4 days.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cassia is 6!

I try to take the kids picture for their birthday. I used to do it every 6 months. I've given up on that! I love how these turned out! I can't believe my little girl is 6!