Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This IS Cassia

For some reason, I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that I was probably the same way, Cassia is NOT a girly girl. Never has, and I'm sure she never will be. She has tried the dress ups, the barbies, the baby dolls and everything else that comes with being a "girly girl". But somehow it all turns into an army game with Hunter. This picture sums it up. The pretty princess dress, Dora backpack, rifle, her favorite boots, and I'm sure there is a stuffed dog in there somewhere. This is Cassia. And we love it. What a character!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Hunter's Baptism

Hunter's baptism was very cool. A lot of family and friends showed up to show a lot of support. There was a little program before the baptisms and then they released everyone by ward to go get baptized. We were one of the last wards to go, so we sat in the chapel and sang songs. Once we left, the baptism went well (all toes stayed under) and we went to the relief society room to do the confirmation. Both grandmas gave excellent talks to Hunter about baptism (Grandma Anderson) and the Holy Ghost (Grandma Crabb) and then Hunter was confirmed. We then went to our house for a lunch and the usual social interaction. We want to thank everyone for coming and for those that helped make this a very special day for Hunter and our family.


Every Sunday we go to either my parents' house or Joy's parents' house for Sunday dinner. Joy's parents decided that it would be fun to switch it up every once in a while and have dinner on a Saturday night so that we can have more time during the day to do things together. Our first Saturday doing this was a couple of weeks ago and we decided to go sledding before dinner. It was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoy going. I am really surprised at how fearless the three are. Cassia will go off jumps without any prodding and Red, although he doesn't like the speed, he loves going. Hunter is trying to learn to snowboard, which is hard to do on a sledding hill. Here are some pictures of the last sledding trip.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Red's Staples

One day while sitting around the house, Redick randomly started to cry, which isn't unusual. He walked in to Joy, said he had an ouch on his head, and Joy consoled him. He was fine, which is usually is after a kiss. 30 minutes later while getting ready to go to a movie, Cassia asked, "Red, why are you bleeding?" Joy and I both looked at each other and then at his head. He had a huge gash on the back of his head. We called up our pediatrician's office knowing that he wasn't going to be there, but the other doctor was (they share an office). So we went down and the doctor decided that it would be best to glue it rather than to stitch it up. What is really annoying about this doctor is that he tries to be so nice to everyone. He annotates everything after each visit, which is normal. He talks into his portable recorder as follows, "Redick was soooo good today in his visit. His whole family came down with him, which really shows that his family loves him. His brother was here and was VERY concerned with Redick's welfare. His sister was here too, showing that she cared for Redick's well-being as well." It makes me what to puke. Luckily he isn't our normal doctor.

So probably an hour after we got home from the movies (Saw Madagascar 2 - dumb, but the kids liked it), his head was still bleeding. We called up my mom and made an appointment to go down the next day and see what we could do. We went down the next day and our normal pediatrician tried to get as much glue out as he could, and then because the wound was too old to stitch, he had to put staples into his head. So he brings out this little stapler and begins to staple together the skin. It's really kind of odd. We called him Frankenstein for about a week until he got them out. He'll have a really great scar though and a great story to tell his grandkids.

We still don't know what happened, but we think he fell and hit the corner of a speaker. Here's the gory details: