Saturday, October 17, 2009

Little Businessmen

One day Hunter decided it would be a great to make some money. I wasn't willing to give up the little kool-aid we have in the house so he came up with the idea to sell funny picture. Drexton and he brought out Cassia's table and started drawing. At first they had a sign that was hard to read but they could not figure out why no one was stopping. After we made a big sign that was easy for passing cars to read, they were raking in the cash! Soon Gavin was in on the action. Cassia was usually out holding the sign while the boys were the artists. But they did try to take turns holding the sign. They each made about $1.50. Not bad considering. I love that they come up with this idea, so original! They are excited to be able to do it again soon. So if you drive by our house and see a bunch of kids coloring, you know whats going on. You should stop and buy an original piece of work by our very own little businessmen.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Who does Ewan look like?







Who do you think Ewan looks like?