Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It's A BOY!

And no, we don't have any names picked out. Sorry.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hunter's Scout Dinner

As a Wolf scout, Hunter is required to do many things to get his Wolf badge. He is really close to earning the badge too if not for a few things that are not as easy as saying, "What do you do if you are home alone and someone calls and asks if your mom is home?" One of these things is to cook a dinner. He has to decide what to make, prepare the meal by actually cooking the food, set the table, and then clean up after including washing the dishes (Joy's favorite part). We have been putting it off because, bless his heart, he wanted Ramen and pear slices for dinner. Both Joy and I laughed hysterically when he mentioned this pair. Ramen and pear slices?! Really?! Joy convinced him that a salad would be good too and he agreed.

So last night we decided to get it over with and as luck would have it, we didn't have any pears in the house. Luckily he wasn't too devastated either. So he prepared the meal including the salad. He had a little help, obviously, but for the most part, he did it by himself.

Cooking the Ramen

Making the croutons for the salad

The dinner was good, for Ramen and salad. Joy and I had lots of salad. I am really, really glad that Joy and I didn't have to go through the just-married-phase-when-all-you-eat-is-ramen-because-you-are-dirt-poor phase. That is probably because I never graduated...we'll save that story for another day.

At least the kids LOVED dinner. Hunter's comment on his dinner: "Man! I make a wicked dinner!"

Cassia's comment: "We should have ramen for dinner more often!"

And Redick's: "Yeah! Food!" (He didn't really, but he did spend the night copying everything that Hunter and Cassia said, so I am sure he said something along those lines)

Oh yeah, Joy stopped off at McDonald's after the kids went to bed for some fries and diet coke for each of us.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

This Week's Attempt to Be CRAFTY

I love to do crafts but it seems like I have NO time for them so this week I decided to indulge myself. For mothers day I made cupcake bits that I saw on one of my new favorite blogs; Bakerella. (Thanks Jess) I love how they turned out, but unfortunately out of the probably 30 cake balls I made, only about 10 turned out. Oh well, maybe I'll get better the more I try. I used spice cake instead of the Red Velvet cake that she uses on the blog. They were so yummy! And super cute!

After going to Holy Cow Boutique (and taking a few pictures) I made Cassia a few bows. I hate spending $7 per bow when I can make them for like $1 each! I love how they turned out. I wanted some that weren't too outfit specific. Luckily she loves them too.

Too bad all this craftyness has left a mess (on top of the mess that I have ignored to take the time to be crafty.) I guess it's back to real life: dishes, moping, laundry, changing diapers. eh...
maybe I'll have to find something new to make!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Somewhat of a miracle

Several weeks ago we went camping down in Utah's south for spring break. When we were leaving, we couldn't find one of our cats, Lucky, which isn't unusual. He likes to hide from the kids when it's time to sleep. So we left for 4 days and knew when we got back and he didn't greet us at the door that something was wrong. We informed the kids and they were heartbroken. We told them, though, that we would do everything we could to find him. We did do everything we could from going to the pound and putting up signs. I put an ad on KSL as well. After 3 weeks we still hadn't heard a thing so we had given up. By this time the kids were over it and Cassia had stopped her daily question of when we were getting a replacement cat. Then one night last week, Joy heard a meow thinking it was Chewy, our other cat, wanting to come in. She opened the door and in came Lucky! We were both speachless! The kids were in bed, but not asleep, so we screamed at them to come upstairs. Cassia just laughed and Hunter cried. Lucky was very, very skinny and very, very filthy. We think he was locked in someone's shed/garage the whole time. He ate until he threw up and then ate some more.

We are really glad to have him back. Here he is sleepin nin his favorite place: on top of the laptop. You might say it's a cattop. I know. I'm hilarious.

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