Wednesday, April 30, 2008

There are 3 of me!

Found this on a friends blog, thought it was fun... apparently more than 99.9 percent of people with the first name Joy are female. Guess I shouldn't use it for our next boys name huh?
LogoThere are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Blog Problems

This is the problem with blogs - I have nothing to write about. Something funny did happen the other day though. I was playing some video games and Redick decided he wanted to join in. He grabbed the controller and started to fiddle with the controls. I wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing, just knew that he was sitting in the chair "playing" video games. Apparently it was nap time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids at Work Day

Yesterday was a kids at work day at eBay. They kids really had a good time. When they first got there, I had to check them in at security. Security was giving them their own eBay badges on their own lanyard that they got to take home. We took pictures of the kids beforehand and they had the badges all ready for them. Then eBay handed out T-shirts and some eBay bags to each of the kids. Redick was there even though it was only ages 5-13. He didn't get any of the swag, but he was able to participate some. After the T-shirt, we went and played some games like spin the wheel and basketball. We then went to a room where the kids colored some pictures and other fun crafts. Then, I showed them my desk, where I sat, and a little of what I do. I showed them my co-workers (none of them were really interested that we were there) and that was about it. They did have a meeting scheduled for the kids, so we went to that last. They talked a little about eBay and what some of the people do there. All in all it was fun. We all went to lunch after with my mom and Kathryn to wrap it all up. Then Joy, my mom and Kathryn went to Ikea and spent a ton of money. :) Joy didn't, but I hear my mom and Kathryn loaded up.

Also, congrats to the BYU volleyball team! They are in the conference finals and play Pepperdine on Saturday! GO COUGS!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Huge game tonight

The BYU men's volleyball team are in Long Beach to play Cal State Northridge tonight. This is the semifinal game. BYU swept CS-N during the season, so hopefully we can bank on that.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Twilight Movie

I can't wait till December!!!!
check out the link below for 4 cool video clips behind the scenes of the upcoming movie "Twilight" (Due in theatres 12-12-08).

Not loving the casting, but oh well, thats why I don't get paid the big bucks I guess! I'll keep the Edward that's in my mind, he's much better :)

Thanks Amy!

Joy's Update

It was my idea to start a blog and Kirk was very against it. He said he wouldn't do anything, that I would have to. Can you believe that? Talk about doing a 180! He told me it was finally my turn to add today though. Camping was great. I would definitely go there again, it was beautiful. Kathryn and Bethany decided we would have a crazy hair day. They went all out! Cassia looked like a pony, Rachel looked like "Cindy Lou Who". Cassia and Hunter did great on the hikes. Target and Redick even did great. Last year Target was injured and couldn't walk for a while so it was awesome to see her enjoying the hikes! The kids loved feeding the Chuckers (birds) and digging for fossils. Can't wait for our next trip!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Camping Update

We just got back from camping in Kodachrome Basin (yeah, the song was stuck in my head the entire trip). We had a great time and the weather was only bad the first day we got there. We did a lot of hiking and the kids really enjoyed it. I will update the blog tomorrow with the pictures.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Game

It was an early morning on Saturday morning. Hunter did not want to leave the Halo party for anything. He really had a great time. I finally forced him to leave at 3 a.m. I knew full well that he was going to sleep as long as he wanted while I had to get up and get ready for the camping trip this week. It turned out better than I had hoped. Hunter was actually the first one up that morning. Although, he came in to our room, laid down in our bed, and went back to sleep. Redick and Cassia both woke up at the same time, which was around 9. That is when I woke up and I set up the tent in the front yard to make sure it was still functional. We then went to a yard sale which was a fundraiser for a guy in our ward who fell off some scaffolding and is now paralyzed form the waist down. It's a sad situation because he has 2 kids, 2 and about 10 months. It was a huge yard sale and I hope they got a lot of money.

When we got home, I had about 3 minutes to get ready before we were going to go to the kids' clinic. As we were getting ready, Cassia said she didn't want to go. I kinda got excited that I would be able to ride my motorcycle to the stadium, but as we were leaving, Cassia said she wanted to go. It was good to spend time with her, so I shouldn't be too disappointed.

The kids had a really good time tackling the inflatable dummies. The players are really good with all the kids. As for the scrimmage, I was really impressed with the backups, but really disappointed with how they handled the event. It was only about an hour long and we got to see zero starters. If that's the way they will continue to do it, I don't think I'll waste a Saturday. I'll say this much: JJ DiLuigi is going to be a great player for BYU; now and in the future.

This is where they tackled the inflatable dummy. Hunter went at it with everything he had. Cassia, on the other hand, was pretty timid.

Kellen Fowler is showing Hunter how to backpedal.

I had to include this last picture of Hunter (he got a hold of the camera without my knowledge). Some of the best pictures come when kids get a hold of the camera and pretend to know what they are doing!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Hunter Kirkham

I was going to try to post once a day, but I don't think I will get around to posting on the weekends. There is just too much going on on the weekends, especially now with the summer just around the corner. The yard is calling and I have to answer. So I will post two today and then come back on Monday.

Hunter and I have a lot planned this weekend. We have a party to attend tonight. But this is not any normal party; this is a Halo party. Greg is hosting it at his house and we'll have 4 projectors and about 20 people there to play. I think Hunter will absolutely love it. Then, after getting home at about 2 a.m., we'll wake up around 11 and head down to BYU's spring game. I am more excited for the spring game than I am for the Halo party. I hope Hunter enjoys it because there is a kids clinic before the game. The players come out and instruct the kids on how to properly pass, run and kick. They have tires to run through and inflatable dummies to tackle. It is really fun to watch.

Hunter is in first grade now and he is enjoying it, thankfully. Like any 7-year-old, he enjoys recess more than anything else, but he enjoys reading and math as well, as long as he can keep his attention on his work. He enjoys playing with friends and watching The History channel. He's a funny kid. He is just starting up hockey in May (again) and this year he will be traveling to other cities to play other teams. I think he will really like that. And more than anything else, he likes his video games. I like that he is getting the hand-eye coordination excersize, but he probably plays too much. He does get a lot of physical activity in though.

Cassia Ruby

Cassia certainly has a style of her own. She is the most loving person in the world. She has a very big heart and she loves her family more than anything in the world. It is fun to watch her grow up. Just recently she lost her second bottom tooth, but the story I wanted to share about Cassia is when she lost her first tooth. She was on a trip to go pick up Bethany in North Dakota (we are so glad she is home). She lost it on the way back to Utah and she had to yell at Grandpa, "You're going to fast Grandpa! We have to wait for the Tooth Fairy to catch up!"

Cassia recently had her 5th birthday and is so looking forward to going to Kindergarten. Joy nor I can hardly believe we have our second going into elementary school. It was like that conference talk we heard last weekend (don't remember who said it), but the advice was to take time to watch what the kids do. I really don't want to have these kids grow up yet and the way to stop that is to spend as much time as I can with them and remember every little thing about them. I have, and am going to continue, to enjoy every day with my kids. I think I haven't really realized how much time passes when I am doing my own selfish things and how much I have missed with my kids already. Cassia is defintely going to be one of those kids that I want to remember especially with her being the only girl. I want her to be a "Daddy's Little Girl."

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Redick Beau

Redick, in my opinion, has the most interesting personality of all three kids. I guess the digital age he lives in gave him that personality, along with having an older brother and sister to push him along. He has picked up everything from his two older siblings from the love of pets from Cassia, to his love for anything electronic from Hunter (or possibly Kirk). It's fun to watch how he interacts with both kids. Just the other night he was trying to wrestle with Hunter. Hunter, thankfully, was letting Redick win the match and Redick was enjoying every minute of it.

His vocabulary seems to have tripled since we don't allow the binkie anymore. Thankfully he hasn't noticed until it is time to go to bed. He can now say two words very clearly, while saying more words where you know what he is saying. He has seemed to have diminished the sign language, which is good. We would much rather have him speaking instead of signing.

The Beginning of the End

Joy and I felt left out not having a blog so I guess we'll become digital and start doing this. We discussed what in the world we would want to share with everyone and we both had no clue. Joy left it up to me for the first post, but I expect her to contribute the most (that's my hope anyway).