Monday, May 5, 2008

Our Favorite Things

I thought I would do a post all about us. Ha Ha like they all aren't about us! But this one is so people can get to know us better.

Kirk's favorite things:
Anything BYU
John Grisham Novels
Playing XBOX 360
Listening to his MP3 player
Baseball hats
Not pictured:
His motorcycle
Playing with the kids
Playing football and basketball

Joy's Favorite Things:
Turquoise jewelry
Buying and using decorations
Not pictures:
"Spa Night" with Cassia
Diet Coke
Rice Crispy Treats


Yankee Girl said...

I love the pictures that show a bit about who you are. What a great idea. Plus spa night with Cassia: too cool.

Jen said...

I like how shoes is at the top of your list! And diet coke is my true love and addiction. Did you ever try the diet coke with vanilla? I loved that and couldn't believe when they got rid of it!

Kirk C. said...

Joy is a purist. Nothing goes in the Diet Coke to taint it. I, however, loved the black cherry vanilla.

Jen said...

Kirk, I've tried that flavor, but I think I like the diet dr. pepper with cherry and vanilla better. If you haven't tried that one yet, give it a go!

Janel said...

What a fun idea! I love turquoise jewelry also.