Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cassia's Birthday Party

Yesterday we celebrated Cassia's 7th birthday with an art party. She loves to do anything artistic so she had a great time. She invited lots of friends from both the neighborhood and her class at school. I think if I did this party over again, I would have more games and less art. Some of the kids were not as into it as Cassia was. We did spiralgraphs, marble painting (my favorite, I think I have some budding Jackson Pollocks on my hands!), acrylic on canvas, pastels, and shaving cream art. What a day, but I am glad it's over! Birthday parties wear me out.


I'm secretly very proud of this cake. I've never worked with fondant before and was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked out!

Cassia being a poser by the snacks

I'm so grateful for my mom's help! I couldn't have done it without her!

Marble art. Notice Red's. He dumped almost the whole bottle of green paint on it. I still don't think it's dry almost 24 hours later!

Shaving cream art. This was a last minute addition when I noticed that we were cruising through the other projects too fast. I'm glad Wal-Mart is so close!

Hunter's marble art. I am going to frame them! I love it!


Amy said...

Looooove it!!!!

Amber said...

Wow- Nice job. I love the cake!

renae said...

that looks like SO Much fun! i love the marble art.... very great idea. ava is so artistic too... i need to get some of your ideas on how to encourage that. and i LOVE the banners you and amy make... do you use a cricut? mine is in storage in UT :(

happy birthday, cassia!

Tiffany Wilson said...

You are so creative and crafty, but you always manage to do it in a very down-to-earth, not ridiculously stressful way. I admire that about you! In fact, I want to hear more about how to do that marble art. Gavin is obsessed with art projects, I just suck at that kind of thing.

T-Bird said...

Joy -- It's TaNece. I loved your idea. I teach art at the school and would love to know more about the marbel art idea. Please email with more info. also i'm the last on the planet to start a blog if you're interested I'll send you an invite.

Robyn said...

Darling cake! What a cute idea!

Janel said...

Wow! You did such a good job!

Yankee Girl said...

Love the cake and the marble art--that looks like fun.

Jen said...

What a fun party! You are quite the decorator as well as a good party planner! I would love to tour your house someday. The art looks better than some of the stuff you might see in galleries.