Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hunter's Birthday

It's official...I'm a horrible mom.

Hunter turned 9 LAST month. There was no "Happy Birthday Hunter!" post with all the cute baby pictures (he was a CUTE baby). There was no "Hunter's birthday party" post when he had his party 4 days later. all because I am lazy and I didn't want to walk to the car and get the camera. So here it is a month later...

just pretend that it's his birthday -k-

Hunter had been so excited to have his birthday party. He had been counting down for months! All he wanted to do was play laser tag again. We told him he could invite 4 friends. 3 showed up (RSVP PEOPLE!!!)and I was tempted to call one of the other 30 friends he wished he could invite, but they just opened presents and as soon as Greg and Grandpa arrived, they headed off to Classic Fun Center in Sandy. I stayed home with Red and Ewan. Hopefully next year I can go and enjoy the chaos. They had so much fun! Hunter repeatedly if we could go for a "fun family night" there some time. It was a great easy party and I think even Kirk, Greg , and Ralph had fun!

Traditional birthday breakfast

Cool rubber band gun from Kobe

Nerf gun from Josh and Ethan

Killing time playing Connect 4x4

His gift from us

I love his reactions! He usually pretends to faint.

Thanks for the birthday cake Kathryn!

I think this was Hunter's favorite part

Go Ralph!


Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! Man, he is a handsome guy!!

Bethany said...

Wish I could have gone!