Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Farewell to a little friend, family time, and a little sparkle

I decided that I was going to be so much better at this blogging thing. How does time pass so fast before you realize you haven't done it?
We have had a crazy couple of weeks yet I cant name many things we have done. But here are a couple:
Cassia's mouse Peanut (named after the kids favorite books, Magic Tree house) died. Cassia was heart broken. We buried her in the yard.

I actually finished my ornaments for my Ornament Exchange, before the night of (for the first time ever)

Enjoyed a VERY yummy Thanksgiving with my family. We were so excited that we were able to see my brother Gaylin and his family. Cassia was sick in bed all day. We were worried we wouldn't be able to make it. Somehow McDonald's sounds even worse on Thanksgiving.

Went to the mall to see Santa come in on the helicopter. Cassia was still throwing up but we had so much fun. Redick was in heaven. We were very disappointed in Santa this year. He usually stops and talks to all the kids. This year he just walked by and waved. But since Kirk's dad was the "Santa Secret Service", and he mentioned they were his grand kids, we got a "Hi grand kids" Way to go Santa!

Kirk put up the Christmas lights this year. FIRST TIME EVER! I guess he didn't like the job I had done in the past. They look great!

Went to cut down Christmas trees. We had a great time being with the whole family and riding the 4 wheelers.

We have spent the last 2 days trying to get the tree to stay upright, finding enough lights to cover it, and getting it decorated. It is HUGE! Kirk picked this years tree. I guess he is just in a Christmas state of mind this year. Or I have done a horrible job and he's fed up.


Jen said...

I liked your catch up! That is one BIG Christmas tree. And I love your ornaments. You're so talented. And the picture of the hanging of the lights is brilliant. Sorry about the mouse. The only bad thing about pets is them dying.

Rachel said...

I want to know how you did those awesome ornaments!!!

Bethany said...

How fun!! I didn't know her mouse died. So sad I would have come over for the memorial. Do you want me to get her another one? :) HEHE I know how much you loved them any ways. Your ornaments were way cute by the way good job.