Friday, June 20, 2008

Tag I'm it...

I was tagged by Amy. A pretty fun tag I have to say! Now everyone can know how boring my life is!

20 years ago .... 1988
1. I was 8 years old.
2. I was in 2nd grade
3. I saw the start of the Yellowstone fire from the dock of our cabin (at least that's the way I remember it)

10 years ago ... 1998
1. Met Kirk April 4th.
2. Graduated from High School.
3. Moved to Provo to go to UVSC.

5 years ago ... 2003
1. Hunter was 2 going on 3.
2. Cassia was born in March.
3. Lived in Orem. We were renting Kirk's parents home. Moved to Salt Lake to live in my parents home while they were on a mission.

1 year ago ... 2007
1. Went to California to visit my brother Gaylin.
2. Hunter was 6 going on 7. Cassia turned 4. Redick turned 1.
3. Realized I was married to a biker (Kirk bought his dream motorcycle.)

So far this year ... 2008
1. Trying to fix up the yard. Though, you can't tell yet.
2. Started blogging.
3. Enjoyed camping trips to Kodochrome Basin and Capitol Reef.

Yesterday...June 20th
1. Went to Target, Costco, the bank, and Provo Craft Outlet.
2. Made Lemon Chicken Stir Fry for dinner. (LOVE IT!)
3. Threatened to make my kids do their chores.

Today ... June 21st
1. Went to Kristi's baby shower.
2. Threatened to make Kirk do his chores.
3. Had a date with my husband. Went to "Get Smart", then Iceberg

Tomorrow ... June 22nd
1. Go with Redick to nursery.
2. Go to Crabb's for dinner.
3. Place my last order as a Tastefully Simple Consultant.

Next year ... 2009
1. Lose 30 lbs :) I laugh, but I hope
2. Travel somewhere.
3. Planning on putting on a new roof and painting the house.

OK, I tag Janel, Jen, Summer and anyone else that wants to do it!

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Jen said...

Reddick's in nursery? Time flies! I loved the pictures of you when you were younger. Sometimes you can't tell the person, but you look just the same! Guess that means you age well!