Monday, April 14, 2008

Spring Game

It was an early morning on Saturday morning. Hunter did not want to leave the Halo party for anything. He really had a great time. I finally forced him to leave at 3 a.m. I knew full well that he was going to sleep as long as he wanted while I had to get up and get ready for the camping trip this week. It turned out better than I had hoped. Hunter was actually the first one up that morning. Although, he came in to our room, laid down in our bed, and went back to sleep. Redick and Cassia both woke up at the same time, which was around 9. That is when I woke up and I set up the tent in the front yard to make sure it was still functional. We then went to a yard sale which was a fundraiser for a guy in our ward who fell off some scaffolding and is now paralyzed form the waist down. It's a sad situation because he has 2 kids, 2 and about 10 months. It was a huge yard sale and I hope they got a lot of money.

When we got home, I had about 3 minutes to get ready before we were going to go to the kids' clinic. As we were getting ready, Cassia said she didn't want to go. I kinda got excited that I would be able to ride my motorcycle to the stadium, but as we were leaving, Cassia said she wanted to go. It was good to spend time with her, so I shouldn't be too disappointed.

The kids had a really good time tackling the inflatable dummies. The players are really good with all the kids. As for the scrimmage, I was really impressed with the backups, but really disappointed with how they handled the event. It was only about an hour long and we got to see zero starters. If that's the way they will continue to do it, I don't think I'll waste a Saturday. I'll say this much: JJ DiLuigi is going to be a great player for BYU; now and in the future.

This is where they tackled the inflatable dummy. Hunter went at it with everything he had. Cassia, on the other hand, was pretty timid.

Kellen Fowler is showing Hunter how to backpedal.

I had to include this last picture of Hunter (he got a hold of the camera without my knowledge). Some of the best pictures come when kids get a hold of the camera and pretend to know what they are doing!


Jen said...

Oh, that looks like fun! I love the pictures of Hunter going for the tackle! And the one at the end! Looks like a fun weekend!

Yankee Girl said...

The clinic alone looks like it was worth it. I'm sorry that I missed that part. Looks like it was a blast

Stacy said...

I heard the game was a lot of fun!

Denise said...

Looks like they had a ton of fun. Bummer the starters were MIA, does not give a good message.

The last picture is so funny. I love that you had no idea he took it!