Friday, April 25, 2008

Kids at Work Day

Yesterday was a kids at work day at eBay. They kids really had a good time. When they first got there, I had to check them in at security. Security was giving them their own eBay badges on their own lanyard that they got to take home. We took pictures of the kids beforehand and they had the badges all ready for them. Then eBay handed out T-shirts and some eBay bags to each of the kids. Redick was there even though it was only ages 5-13. He didn't get any of the swag, but he was able to participate some. After the T-shirt, we went and played some games like spin the wheel and basketball. We then went to a room where the kids colored some pictures and other fun crafts. Then, I showed them my desk, where I sat, and a little of what I do. I showed them my co-workers (none of them were really interested that we were there) and that was about it. They did have a meeting scheduled for the kids, so we went to that last. They talked a little about eBay and what some of the people do there. All in all it was fun. We all went to lunch after with my mom and Kathryn to wrap it all up. Then Joy, my mom and Kathryn went to Ikea and spent a ton of money. :) Joy didn't, but I hear my mom and Kathryn loaded up.

Also, congrats to the BYU volleyball team! They are in the conference finals and play Pepperdine on Saturday! GO COUGS!


Jen said...

That's really cool that your kids got to go with you to work! I bet they loved it. And pretty cool they got swag bags too! And Joy didn't get a bad deal with only 1 kid at Ikea!

Denise said...

That's fun, for all of you. It sounds like you did not have to work much that day. I need Josh to read this, the girls would love it. Me being one of "the girls"!!

Bethany said...

Wow you have the cutest kids haha. I think so at least. That is so cute that ebay had a kids at work day. I bet they loved hanging out with their daddy!!