Monday, December 14, 2009


Most of you know that I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer back in August but I haven't said much about it. Well, here comes the rant. I have just started down the road of treatment. The treatment is a lot better than a lot of other cancers but I think it still sucks. About a week and a half ago I stopped taking my synthroid (which will make me hypothyroid and cause side effects: possible weight gain, sensitivity to hot or cold weather, and feeling very tired) and started a low iodine diet. I never realized how many things have iodine in them!

I can't have:

iodized salt and sea salt

all dairy products


Egg yolks

Seafood (I'm not too upset about that one!)

Foods that containcarrageen, agar-agar, algin or alginate (o...k...)

Cured and corned foods (ham, bacon, sausage, corned beef, tuna, etc)

Marinated chicken or turkey

dried fruit

canned vegetables

bread products that contain iodate dough conditioners (what is that?)

Chocolate (kill me now)


soy products (soy sauce, soy milk, tofu)

Foods that contain red dye #3

I can have:

egg whites

fresh chicken, turkey and beef

black pepper and herbs

homemade bread made without iodized salt and milk

most fresh fruits and veggies

frozen veggies

canned peaches, pears, and pineapple

unsalted nuts

unsalted matzo crackers and unsalted rice cakes (I know you're jealous)

clear sodas

coffee or tea

popcorn popped in an air popper


Basically I can't have any processed food. That kinda sucks! I have to make everything from scratch. I'm not a make everything from scratch kinda person! I like my life easy and yummy. Not happening.

I have to be on this diet till my TSH levels get to 20-30. I just called and got the results of my latest blood work....drum roll please.....0.3....SUCK!!!!! I asked the nurse how long she thought it would be till my levels were right. She said some peoples changes rapidly know...but she guessed about 2 1/2 weeks. THAT SUCKS! I am going out of my mind here. I want to be able to pick up pizza when it's been a crazy day! I want to start the day off with a donut and a diet coke! I want ice cream! I want a sandwich! *calming breath*

Once my TSH levels are right I will have a I-131 scan. I will ingest radioactive iodine and been isolated for about 3 days. We are shipping the kids off to the grandmas. I will go back in and hopefully the RAI has killed all the thyroid tissue.

I am just so ready for this whole SUCKY situation to be over. I don't want to have cancer anymore. I want to eat and drink what I like. I want to plan a week in advance and not need to wonder if I will be radioactive at the time. I want to plan the rest of my life without the fear of it coming back...but we don't always get what we want because, well you guessed it....sometimes life SUCKS.


Kristi said...

Wow I had no idea. I agree cancer sucks! That would be hard to not eat certain things. I hope all goes well for you!

Janel said...

Life is funny sometimes... I'll keep you in my thoughts. I love this Quote I hope it helps.

"I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.
by Mother Teresa.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry! This diet totally sucks but I'm so dense that it just clicked ... this will mean you have to be on it through Christmas & New Years. Or worse be radioactive, and in solitary confine for the holidays.

Does 0.3 mean your level is too low? like I said I'm dense.

Jillian said...

I'm so sorry, Joy! I will definitely keep you & your family in my thoughts & prayers.

Jen said...

Oh that really stinks. I'm so sorry. You've been in my thoughts and prayers and I hope the timing all works out. I'm sure you're ready to be done with this whole thing!

williamswildbunch said...

Hey Joy,
Don't get discouraged!! my younger brother Dave went through the exact same thing last April. He had the same low iodine diet and everything. It all went well for him and no sign of cancer. He is doing great! I am certain the diet probably stinks. My sister-in-law said as long as she cooked everything with the non-iodized salt, he was able to eat most anything she cooked. Good luck:)

Robyn said...

Im so sorry women! When this is all over, Im bringing you the biggest Diet Coke and greasiest pizza ever! Hang in there! We love ya!

Charlcie Steuble said...

As a thyroid cancer survivor, let me tell you that I so very much agree with you! This was one of the hardest parts of the treatment, preparing for the radioactive treatment with the low-iodine diet. I thought that I would lose my mind without milk products! Thank goodness my mother-in-law would make me no salt bread. Towards the end, it's all I ate. A plus for me: I lost weight as I was sick of eating the low-iodine diet items.

So...just wanted to validate your feelings. Yes, it will pass. Yes, you will be cancer free, which makes it all worth it, but it's OK to say this part of thyroid cancer treatment sucks because it does!

And, not to self promote but to provide support, here's a link to my post back in 2008 when I had to do the low-iodine diet:

Good luck! You can do it!

Yankee Girl said...

That diet does suck--especially at this time of year. And being radioactive (apart from possibly becoming a comic superhero) doesn't sound like much fun either. Your in my prayers.

APeck said...

From one thyroid sista' to the next--things like that really do suck. Due to the move, food from scratch would be heaven, no more insta' noodles and canned soups. Yep. Jealous of you...with the food from scratch department, not swallowing iodine. Which now that I think about it, kind of ironic since you've been starved from that previously.

APeck said...

Next time I see you, remind me to ask you about Reddick's name and the Martin Handcart company--think I've made a connection!

Camilla Binks said...
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