Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Week As Cassia

Anyone who knows Cassia already knows that she is a bit of a klutz. This week she has out done herself. The day before school started we went to the splash pad to have a little fun before summer was gone. We were only there about 1/2 an hour before she managed to fall and mangle to toe. We rushed to a pediatrician to get stitches. I felt so bad for her; her toe never numbed up very well so she could feel everything and the first stitch tore so they had to start over. Poor girl! She had to wear her "ugg" boots for a week till we could get a normal shoe on without her screaming in pain. All those cute back to school outfits just didn't seem as cute with those boots for some reason.

On the 6th day of school I get a call saying she had fallen at recess and scraped her elbow and wasn't feeling well. I go to the school and after talking to her for a little but I find out that she fell and hit her head and now has a headache and needs to throw up...not a good sign!we spend a few hours at home just watching to see how it's going to go. At about 4:00 we decide that she needs to go to the Dr. After seeing him, he sends us to the hospital for a CT scan.

We are happy to report that everything looked good and she's back to her self now. But I am not looking forward to another week and another set of injuries!


Amy said...

poor Cassia, I hope she is doing better.

Denise said...

Poor girl. I always thought Tess was the most klutzy girl out there...we might have competition :)