Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kirk's New Car

We bought our Chevy Cavalier used in January of 2001. It has been a great car, but... The newspaper job has taken it's toll. I expected a call everyday at 4:00 am saying he had broken down somewhere. Kirk needed a new car. After an seemingly endless search, we found the car he wanted. A Scion XD.

We thought this would be a great move for us. Little did we know it was going to be a huge hassle and ruin our credit!
We went to Brent Brown in Provo and picked out the car. They didn't have any in stock so we waited the week that it would take to get it here. We pick it up the day before Kirk leaves for the Philippines. I thought this would be great. I would be the one to get to have the fun car for 3 weeks! I start getting calls from the dealership saying they need Kirk to come in and sign things that they forgot about. Hello! He is on the other side of the world! So instead of waiting they start calling Kirk's mom! He gets home, we go sign the things they needed. They call and say they need a copy of Kirk's paycheck. Ok. He faxes it to them. They don't call and tell us they don't receive it for another month. They call (at 4:30)and tell us they need it by 5:00. Oh did I mention this is Saturday and we are no where near a computer, fax machine or Provo? So, they call Kirk's mom again. Because of course she will have a copy of it (sense the sarcasm?) Kirk emails it to them on Sunday. They call a week later and say they would like to have us bring the payment to the dealership to expedite the loan processing (so far it has been about 3 months)we rush down there with the payment, they tell us they had made the previous payments on our behalf because of all the mix ups. We get a call last night from the bank saying no payments have been on the car yet. It will be repoed it 2 days. Are you kidding me?!?!?! Oh, and when should we receive the license plates? Our temporary plate expired Oct. 3!
Moral of the story? Never buy a car at Brent Brown in Provo.


Stacy said...

Wow, what an ordeal! I haven't heard the best thing about Brent Brown. I would make Brent Brown fix the credit problems they created and I would make a report with the Better Business Bureau! I won't be going to them, that's for sure!

Hope things get straightened out.

Amy said...

Brent Brown was just on "Get Gephart" for a huge mistake, similar, but not exactly like this. Maybe it's time you called Bill. (Oh and it is nice to have a husband who paints, but like you, I enjoy painting too. And I'm sorry if we steal Hunter's Birthday, but when the doctor offers to induce on the 8th or 15th, lets just say I'm taking the earliest possible).

Jen said...

That's horrible! I haven't heard anything about them but will be sure to stay away! I hope everything gets worked out. I love how they kept calling Kirk's mom. Hello!

Rachel said...

Oh man! That stinks! Totally ruins the funness of getting a new car, huh? Sorry!! Ew... I'd even make them take money off the price..

Janel said...

Don’t go to Gephart he doesn't get back to you. Do the better business bureau that really helped us when we had a problem with a business. We also got our car from Brent brown they’re annoying but what car place isn't. We asked them NOT to hit Rob's credit but they did anyway, when we asked them about it they made up some lame excuse.

Ben and Andria said...

Wow, what a MESS! We for sure won't give them our business and we'll tell our friends about them too. I'm with Stacy, go to the Better Buisness Bureau.