Saturday, October 18, 2008

Redick & Talking

Redick has been picking up on words lately. A commercial came on the radio today about your heart and how you should take care of it. It would have two-word sentences like, "It's beating. It's hurting. It's pumping." I could hear him playing with his fingernails and repeating the last word of each sentence. It was hilarious.

Also, he is starting to have conversations, which I love. Today he was sitting on our bed with a piece of chocolate that he wanted open. Here's the conversation:

Redick: "Daddy"
Daddy: "What?"
Redick: "Uh" - showing me the candy wanting me to open it.
Daddy: "No"

At this point he throws his body back in attempt to throw a tantrum, but he doesn't. He sits back up and asks:

Redick: "Why?"
Daddy: "Because it's almost lunchtime."
Redick: "Oh."
Redick: "Hunter"
Hunter: "What?"
Redick: "Uh" - again showing the candy.
Hunter: "No"
Redick: "Why?"
Hunter: "Dad already told you."
Redick: "Oh, ok."


Jillian said...

What a cute conversation! Good luck with his sleeping habits, though.

Jen said...

I love their little conversations. And I love their take on the world. Cute!